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Night Of A Thousand Friends

Join wine legend Dave Larocque*, a Wine Educator with Peller Estates for an evening of wine-tasting at your home with friends on Feb 10th, 2018 from 6-8.30pm!

Our online Facebook live wine-tasting fundraiser features a night of wine-tasting and 3 course dinner with entertainment. You (and or your friends) would purchase and prepare the wine and food prior and during the event and you would enjoy these while watching Dave streaming live online at

Your expenses (verified by receipts) up to $100 will be redeemed by Wine Butler as credit in store toward any winemaking package at retail price.

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First Course: White Pizza with Avocado and Spinach. See Recipe

Flat bread with mozzarella, spinach, avocado and white sauce
Grilled on barbecue or cooked in oven

Wine – Soave Bolla Soave Classico #438945 $12.95 or any Soave will do!

Second Course: Tomato Basil sauce over Pasta. See Recipe

Spaghetti and tomato basil sauce (PC Blue Menu Tomato Basil sauce)

Wine – Valpolicella. Folonari Valpolicella DOC #828 $13.95 or any Valpolicella will do!

Third Course: Tuscan Steak on bed of Arugula. See Recipe

Tuscan steak salad (ribeye steak grilled medium rare on bed of arugula)

Wine – Montepulciano. Fantini Farnese Montepulciano d’Abruzzo #621912 $8.45 or any Montepulciano will do.

*Dave Larocque is currently a Wine Educator at Andrew Peller Limited has lived his love for wine for over 30 years. Initially as a product consultant with the LCBO, then subsequently working at many Ontario wineries, and as a wine educator and trainer for Canadian winery staff, Niagara College, the Wine Council of Ontario, and staff of numerous restaurants. He recently authored a book titled ‘The Wine Appellations of Ontario’. His newest venture, Wine Culture, brings the enjoyment of wine to groups across Canada through presentations and tastings in an educational and entertaining approach.

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