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What Is The Best Sparkling Shiraz Food Pairing?

“What is a Sparkling Shiraz?”

Goes without saying that this bright red is produced using Shiraz, or ‘Syrah’ grape variety. (It’s the same grape. While the name Shiraz is typically used in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and South American countries, Syrah is used in France.) For those who have never tried a Shiraz wine but may have had Cabernet Sauvignon, imagine a much fuller mid-palate than what Cab Sauv offered you.)

Decoding Sparkling Shiraz’s Flavour Profile

As we have mentioned in our previous food and wine post, like in the case of any wine, depending upon the brand, you may find some or all of these characters in your drink – ripe & sweet plums, red berry fruit (Raspberries and strawberries), dark fruit (Blackcurrants and blackberries), black pepper and chocolate. If your drink has spent time in American oak, it will also please you with a gentle touch of vanilla. Alternately, French oak maturation will offer you beautiful spice. As for the best Sparkling Shiraz, this array of flavours is balanced by fine and silky tannins. Combine these elements with an elegant & persistent bead, and you have a drink which goes even with foods that are somewhat difficult to pair with wine. The mouthfeel, all in all, is creamy.
Having discussed the experience, Sparkling Shiraz provides, let’s move to our top five Sparkling Shiraz food match options.

Sparkling Shiraz Food Pairing

Assorted Breakfast Dishes – Breakfast is probably Sparkling Shiraz’s best match. You will heart it with classic bacon and eggs, or more fancy strawberries and cream pancakes.

Christmas Turkey – A golden-brown bird, with its moist meat against the crisp skin, flavour-soaked stuffing and accompanying sweet & sour cranberry sauce! Add salty olives to stuffing for greater satisfaction!

Dark Chocolate Mousse – Pair this creamy chocolate dessert with matching characters of a bubbly Shiraz. The tannin makes best friends with the richness, while the fizz lifts the residue off your palate.

Chinese Roasted Duck – The sweetness of the wine makes the duck taste more ‘rounder’, neutralizing the heat from the five-spice powder. The decent amount of acidity cuts through duck fat.​

Barbecue Ribs – Both Shiraz, the full-bodied red, and Sparkling Shiraz are produced using the same grape, and hence the latter usually goes well with anything that the former would be paired with.


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