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Spritzer and Sangria Recipes For Summer!

Here are a few of The Wine Butlers favourite Spritzer and Sangria Recipes. A great drink for out of doors and a crowd pleaser.

White Wine Spritzer

Photo credits: Rebecca Alter

A White Wine Spritzer is a classic wine drink that adds a little fizziness and life to your favorite white wine. Any white wine will work perfectly but Reisling and Pinot Grigio are especially good. Add a little “pink” for bridal showers or spa parties with a blush wine.


4 oz white wine

club soda or mineral water

lime wedge for garnish


  1. Fill a white wine glass or highball glass with ice.
  2. Pour in the wine.
  3. Top with club soda or mineral water.
  4. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Red Wine Spritzer

Photo credits: 99 wines


1/2 pint blackberries

1/2 pint raspberries

1 bottle, 750 ml, dry red Italian table wine

1 quart sparkling water or seltzer, chilled


  1. Fill the bottom of large wine glasses with a mixture of the berries.
  2. Pour wine in to cover and let stand 10 minutes.
  3. Top glasses with seltzer when you are ready to serve.

Red Wine Sangria

Photo credits: Elizabeth of The Whisking Kitchen

Sangria Recipe is perfect for big summer parties – always a favorite, you may consider doubling the recipe.


1 Bottle of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rioja, Zinfandel, Shiraz)

1 Lemon cut into wedges

1 Orange cut into wedges

1 Lime cut into wedges

2 Tbsp sugar

Splash of orange juice or lemonade

2 Shots of gin or triple sec (optional)

1 Cup of raspberries or strawberries (may use thawed or frozen)

1 Small can of diced pineapples (with juice)

4 Cups ginger ale


  1. Pour wine into a large pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from the lemon, orange and lime into the wine. Toss in the fruit wedges (leaving out seeds if possible) and pineapple then add sugar, orange juice and gin. Chill overnight.
  2. Add ginger ale, berries and ice just before serving. If you’d like to serve right away, use chilled red wine and serve over lots of ice. However, remember that the best Sangrias are chilled around 24 hours in the refrigerator – allowing the flavours to really marinate into each other.

Enjoy & Cheers!
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