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5 Mother’s Day Brunch Wine Pairings

While you don’t need an excuse to celebrate mom, Mother’s Day is a great reason to host brunch and lavish well-deserved praise upon your mom. As we all know, brunch is the perfect reason to raise a glass before noon.

Sure, you could serve up a regular old mimosa, but is that really worthy of the woman who spent hours in labor and then years raising you? We didn’t think so either, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of fabulous wines that pair wonderfully with mom’s love.

1. La Crema Pinot Noir

If there’s a perfect Mother’s Day red, it’s La Crema’s Pinot Noir. It partners with so many foods, it’s soft enough to go with conventionally white wine dishes but full-bodied enough to pair with meats. It’s the perfect companion for a mixed-course brunch!

2. Patrick Bottex Rosé La Cueille’ Bugey Cerdon

A lovely, light, fizzy, and fruity sparkling rosé that pairs wonderfully with a goat cheese quiche, smoked salmon croque madams, and especially strawberry waffles. It’s got a low alcohol content, in case you have plans with mom after brunch, but the bold strawberry flavors are juicy and fun with plenty of effervescence to keep mother sparkling!

3. Antica Chardonnay

A medium-bodied, zesty, fresh and pure Chardonnay with none of the overly-oaked, super-buttery effects typically found in old school California Chardonnay. With just a touch of oak, giving it a round and lovely texture, you’ll find it retains the liveliness that pairs nicely with heavier brunch foods.

4. Wild Horse Viognier

With its big aromas, pleasant mouth-feel, and crisp acidity, this Viognier is a must for any brunch with a selection of cheese on the table. A nose big enough to anchor the table with explosive notes of apricot and peach, followed by flavors of lychee, pear, and spiked with layers of fresh mango.

5. Moonlight Desire Mead

Why not break from tradition and surprise mother with an award-winning mead? Crafted from sweet honey water, this highly pairable mead features an enticing blend of blueberries, black cherries, and blackcurrants that works wonders with Belgian chocolate waffles.


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