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3 Summer Wine Tips

1. Keep your cool!

We tend to serve our whites too cold and our reds too warm, especially in the summer when it’s warm. Here’s our 20/20 rule: take whites out of the fridge 20 mins before serving – and put reds in the fridge 20 mins before opening.

2. Think pink:

Rosé makes for brilliantly versatile summer drinking. These days we Brits splash out over £1 billion on the pink stuff every year, from luscious blush Zinfandel to bone dry Provençal rosé. Good rosé makes a wonderfully versatile food match, from spicy dishes to grilled fish and meatier BBQ fodder.

3. Best wines for summer?

It’s all about refreshment value. Whites should be crisp and perfumed; reds shouldn’t be too alcoholic or full-bodied. Think Italian whites, southern French rosé and lighter styles of red from Beaujolais to Pinot Noir. Screw-caps are best for picnics (if not, Google ‘opening wine with a shoe’). Holiday infatuations rarely stand the transition back home. And don’t forget the fizz!

By: Peter Richards & Susie Barrie

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