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Lemon Meringue Pie and Citrus Curd Wine Pairing

Because lemon desserts such as lemon meringue pie are inherently acidic, you can pair them with wines that are quite sweet.

Ice Wine

Ice wines are made from white wine grapes harvested after the first frost, so the sugars have concentrated. This makes ice wines deliciously sweet. This sweetness balances the acidity in lemon desserts, making a perfect and delicious pairing.

Late Harvest Whites

Late harvest white wines are made from grapes harvested late in the season. Therefore, the wines tend to be relatively low alcohol but higher in residual sugar. These wines range from slightly sweet to very sweet. Try a late harvest Viognier or Chardonnay, which tend to have citrusy flavors that will complement the lemon well.


A dry Champagne or sparkling wine will also pair well with a lemon meringue pie. The biscuity flavors in Champagne match the flavors found in the crust while the toastiness of Champagne matches the browning of the meringue. Finally, Champagne tends to be dry, which will balance sweet flavors in the dessert.

By: Karen Frazier

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