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Learn the Differences Between Regular Wine from Cooking Wine



There is a distinction between regular wine and cooking wine. Traditionally, cooking wine has an additive– salt. The salt functions as a preservative for the wine. If you open a bottle of regular wine and also then return a week later on and try to drink it, you’ll discover it virtually tastes like vinegar. Salt slows down the fermenting process that happens to wine when it is exposed to oxygen, enabling the cooking wine to be used for a lot longer compared to a normal container.


Though practical for your standard, everyday cook, those in the professional globe rarely utilize cooking wine. Many people believe you should never cook with a wine that you are unwilling to drink– and cooking wine is definitely undrinkable– which using a cooking wine in place of a normal wine decreases the high quality of the meals. Does that imply you should not use it? Not at all. Your track record as a chef will be no methods be tarnished among your good friends.


Besides the evident determining aspect– the label– cooking wine can also be distinguished by the quality of grape used in its production. Frequently, these kind of wines use a fairly low-quality grape that wouldn’t make an ideal drinking wine. In other parts of the world, a cooking wine may be made with rice rather than grapes. Usually, you use this form of wine in Asian-inspired food.

Factors to consider

So, now you understand that there’s an actual difference between regular wines and cooking wine, does it mean you need to make use of one when asked for? No, and there are actually a number of very hassle-free alternatives for wine: Beef stock, poultry broth, water, tomato juice, flavored vinegar and even ginger ale can be used as a substitute. Simply keep in mind that these substitutes will alter the flavor of your meals.

Professional Understanding

Though most cooks select not utilize cooking wine for a recipe, they make use of a less costly brand name of wine for their meals. The wine is still completely drinkable, just possibly not the finest or preference. Generally, they recommend cooking with the same wine you plan to serve, but if you have actually obtained an expensive bottle chilling in the fridge, look for a comparable but much less costly container.