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Discover Different Ways to Store Wine


There are different styles of wine storage and there are many creative storage concepts to fit into your home. Here are some ideas to help you select the right wine storage for your unique entertaining needs.

Based on the size of your wine collection:

If you enjoy entertaining a large group of people on a regular basis, a wine cellar is a good option for your necessity. A wine cellar is a room with multiple areas for wine storage which is most likely climate controlled to help maintain the humidity and temperature. However, if you are entertaining for an intimate crowd of people at a time, a more suitable option would be a refrigerated wine cooler that can be placed in your kitchen or home bar.

Wine storage location:

A basement or lower level will work well for a wine cellar. Away from windows, it can be kept relatively cool. Wine cellar, or wine room, kept above ground have a climate control system. A unique idea for a spacious wine storage room/cellar is to have a dining table or island. This is perfect to entertain and allow guests to have an ‘experience’ while eating and drinking.

Wine racks:

A wine rack on your wall or a standing/floor rack will provide quick access, as well as a simple yet decorative look. If you want something creative and unique, have a custom wine rack built in an unconventional location.