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2022 Wine Butler Limited Release Wines

Every year we feature 4 extraordinary wines available the beginning of the year. Comparable wines at the LCBO would retail for over $35 per bottle…

We secure only a small amount and they are yours first-come-first served.

Batches come in 14 bottles and we have priced these wines to sell in our EXCEPTIONAL CATEGORY. $78.00 (Normally $130 to craft 14 bottles. Use promo code: Limited ).

Here is a breakdown of what is in store for our limited release program for 2022!

Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon Style. Red.



OAK: Heavy

BODY: Heavy

The warm Southern sun produces a bold Cabernet Sauvignon with the varietal’s signature nose: blackcurrants, dark chocolate and subtle toasty notes. Fermented with toasted oak produces a full-bodied wine with hints of coffee laced with vanilla notes.

Food Pairing: A good match for beef, lamb and game, simply prepared.

Friuli Pinot Grigio Style. White.


SWEETNESS: Sugar Code 1. Hint Sweetness or to your taste.

OAK: None

BODY: Light-medium

Brilliant straw-yellow colour with a green tint. Fine, fruity (apples, peaches), forward varietal aromas. Pronounced, clean, elegant, and grapey flavour. Light to medium-bodied with a fresh mouth-watering finish. Bone dry and crisp!

Food Pairing: Pairs best with light, fresh flavours. Think summery dishes like salads, chicken and seafood, as well as light pasta dishes and risottos, and avoid heavy sauces in favour of creams and vinaigrettes

Sangiovese Tuscany Rosé Style.



OAK: None

BODY: Medium

Salmon colour with strawberry and raspberry flavours. A crisp acidity leads to a refreshing finish. Juicy watermelon and strawberries on the nose followed by citrus for balance. It’s not overwhelmingly complex — but that’s the point!

Food Pairing: Pink goes with almost everything! This wine has a hint of sweetness making it the perfect partner for spicier fare. It’s also a great match for seafood, chicken, and pork.

Provence Rosé Style.


SWEETNESS: Sugar Code 1. Hint Sweetness or to your taste.

OAK: None

BODY: Light

Light bodied and pink in colour with spiced strawberry and crisp, citrus aromas. The palate features fresh strawberry flavours with a refreshing fruity finish.

Food Pairings: Great with mushroom quiche or rosemary, cheese and honey flatbread.

*$3.90 In Tax Not Included. Bottles Not Included -bring your own or $1.10 per bottle. Crafts approximately 14 750ml bottles. Must be 19+. Takes 6- 8 weeks to process. Wine Butler is typically full 1-2 weeks in advance for bottling. Not valid with any other offers! This offer is not retroactive in any circumstance. Existing orders will not be cancelled or modified.

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