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California Wines Included In 14 Bottle Intro Offer

California Red Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon Sugar Code 0
This great red variety produces an aromatic, deep ruby red wine with a bouquet and flavours of blackcurrants and plums. Bold tannins and oak complete this classic, robust red.

Cabernet/Merlot Sugar Code 0
A well known blend of the European classics — rich, dry Cabernet and fruity, soft Merlot. Warm, full bodied, with a berry bouquet. Includes premium oak.

Cabernet/Shiraz Noir Sugar Code 0
The intensity and structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the famous spicy fruit flavours of Shiraz come together to create a wonderful wine. Full bodied wine that is warm and generous with soft, rounded flavours and a medium tannin finish.

Chianti Sugar Code 0
Most famous wine of Italy. Lively, fresh an fruity. Always pleasing to the palate.

Merlot Sugar Code 0
The popular Merlot grape produces an exceptional soft, low tannin wine. The dark blue grape creates a smooth wine, rich in flavours of blackberry and black currant. Includes premium oak.

Pinot Noir Sugar Code 0
An elegant, dry wine with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Rich in complexity with inviting flavours full of spices and fruit leading to a long, satisfying finish.

Shiraz Sugar Code 0
A fairly new and distinctly California blend, Zinfandel-Shiraz, is a dry, full bodied red wine with a medium to deep ruby colour that offers aromas of mixed red berry fruit, pepper, mint, spice and anise.

California White Wines
Chardonnay Sugar Code 0
Peach, pear and apple hints. Accented by lemon, lime, and spice with vanilla undertones.

Pinot Grigio Sugar Code 0
A crisp, lively wine with a floral bouquet and flavours of ripe tropical fruit and gentle spice. This wine is dry and wonderfully balanced.

Riesling Sugar Code 1
The warm California sun and cool ocean breezes bring out the best in Riesling. Not to mention that it is great to enjoy on the beach with seafood! This off-dry Riesling is a light straw colour with aromas of citrus and floral on the nose. On the palate you will enjoy flavours of crisp citrus fruit, honey and apricots. For food pairings try salty dishes like asian cuisine and antipasto plates.

Sauvignon Blanc Sugar Code 0
Light grass and tropical aromas with a hint of smokiness from the toasted oak. Smooth flavours of gooseberries and kiwi.