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Winemaking London Ontario. Make your own wine and save!

Discover the smart way to enjoy great winemaking in London- by bottling your own craft wine starting at under $4.60 per bottle and skipping the middlemen! It’s a proven fact that you can save 70% and more by making your own wine instead of paying ridiculous markups and 65% tax on top of costly retail and distribution. Plus, all our wines are 100% money-back guaranteed and joining is free and easy as 1-2-3.

First, register as a new customer and use promo code “winemaker” to get 40% off on us. Then, choose from 40 styles of wine and book a time to start the process. Once your wine is ready 5 weeks later, bottle it with the help of our friendly staff. Each batch makes 28 bottles, and the price you see includes all materials like labels, corks, and seals.

When you visit, take a small packet of yeast and add it to your grape juice – this takes only 5 minutes! Making your wine yourself means the grape juice is taxed as produce, which saves you a massive amount over purchasing wine at retail. We’ll take care of the intermediate processing steps like fermenting, racking, and filtering your wine over the next 5 weeks, and when it’s ready to be bottled, we’ll let you know.

At your bottling appointment, we’ll sterilize your bottles for you, or you can buy new ones from us for $1.10 per bottle. Fill your bottles, cork them with the air-powered corker, shrink-wrap the tops in the color of your choice, and apply your labels.

By making wine with us, you’ll be saving the planet too. We sterilize and reuse your bottles to minimize our impact on the environment. Our wines have less than 1/7th the preservatives of commercially available wines. Plus, custom-vinting your own wine is a fun activity to bring your mom along. Sample your wine in our tasting room as soon as it’s ready, age it, and experience the subtle difference in taste that develops over time. You can even design your own custom wine label for an extra charge.

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