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How Does Wine Have So Many Different Flavors?

12One question we acquire a great deal is why a bottle of wine tastes and smells like so many  things and not simply grapes. The more you drink wine, the  more you begin to observe refined flavors like vanilla, spice, tobacco, exotic fruits and even sea air. We know a winemaker doesn’t really add spices or seawater into a wine, so how does the wine end up inheriting these flavors?

Grapes are a surprisingly impressionable and delicate fruit. Each decision the winemaker makes throughout the process effect exactly how the wine tastes and smells at the end.

There is a saying amongst winemakers that the very best wine starts in the vineyard. Great farming equates to fantastic wine, but some of the inputs may shock you. Numerous bugs are essential to the health and wellness of grapes, yet none are more important than honey bees. As the grapes expand in a vineyard surrounded by plants such as untamed natural herbs, flowers and grasses, the bees fly around the winery dispersing plant pollen, and as the grapes advance they absorb the refined flavor characteristics from these plants.

Components such as the air can additionally have an effect on the flavor of the grapes as they expand. In several regions of the world, such as Spain and also Greece, a lot of the white wine is grown on cliffs that overlook the sea. As the waves hit the shore they may spray seawater right into the air, the saline air becomes soaked up by the grapes as they advance, including a tasty minerality to the grapes that could taste and also scent like a fresh ocean breeze. After the grapes change from the vineyard to the cellar, each choice the winemaker makes has an impact on the overall flavor. Exactly how the wine maker decides to press the grapes, whether the winemaker desires to mature the fermented juice in steel or oak, and also how long the winemaker lets the wine sit in these crafts all aid in imparting distinct tastes and smells right into a wine.

With every one of these aspects having an influence on the total preference and also smell of the wine, it’s no surprise that a lot of people pick up a wide range of attributes when sampling and scenting the very same wine. It is among the things that makes consuming wine so much fun.