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8 reasons to drink a glass of sparkling wine


Many special dates and specific occasions require sparkling wine to celebrate. Its bubbles, unique flavor are some of the many reasons to enjoy a glass of sparkling. Here are 8 reasons to toast with sparkling wine.

A reason for celebration. Whenever we make a toast with sparkling wine is cause for celebration. It’s usually the drink par excellence in family, personal and even company events.

Health benefits.

The cava and sparkling wine, whenever you drink it in moderation, offers a number of health benefits, being included in the Mediterranean diet. For example, a glass of sparkling wine is natural, is good for the heart and prevents from different diseases.

Source of youth and beauty.

Some of the reasons of why to drink a glass of sparkling wine is that it contains antioxidants, which benefits the skin in general to make it silkier, smoother and younger. Sparkling wine moisturizes the skin and generates the well-known hyaluronic acid, useful to get more beauty.

Perfect for pairing.

Sparkling wine can be drunk throughout the meal, not only with desserts when it’s traditional. The result of the combination of quality grapes, chosen for its elaboration, combines perfectly with different foods, always depending on the variety.

Sweet flavors.

Those who are not accustomed to drinking wine, will find in the sparkling wines softer, fruity, sweetish flavors so that they become substitutes for traditional wine.

Different varieties.

Like the rest of wines, sparkling wines also have diversity of categories and varieties. We have the Brut, Reserve, Semi-dry… so you can choose according to taste, preferences and meals.

Appellations of Origin.

This type of wine and cava comes from places with renowned quality and designation of origin, which provides a full guarantee of elaboration, always classified by region.

Elegance and romance.

A glass of sparkling is synonymous with celebration, but also of elegance and romance, being associated to a somewhat snobbish life, having formerly an elevated price.


By Marta Burgues,  Uvinum