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Why Craft Winemaking Is More Affordable Than Retail


The Wine Butler is Canada’s premier craft winemaking stores. Established in 1993, it has won multiple awards for excellence and made the Globe & Mail’s “Best Of Toronto” list. The Wine Butler offers more than 40 wines sourced from some of the best wine-growing regions in the world.

Some people equate ‘homemade’ with apple pie, not with wine. Wine enthusiasts can make their own classic chardonnay or spirited shiraz that’s every bit as good as store-bought wine. In fact, thousands of Ontarians opt out of the typical wine buying experience in and choose to bottle their own. Among other things, it’s an experience that brings wine drinkers closer to the vineyard and the essence of the wine lifestyle.

Did you know when you buy a bottle of wine at the retail (with your hard earned after-tax dollars) that up to 70% of your purchase price goes to various taxes and levies?

Because you participate in certain aspects of the winemaking process: yeasting, bottling, and labelling to name a few (no experience necessary) – you avoid the taxes and mark up you’d pay at retail. Plus, craft wine facilities recycle their bottles to help reduce costs and be environmentally friendly.

Consumers don’t need any special skills to make a well-balanced, elegant wine. Staff at craft wine retailers expertly guide them through the process step-by-step.