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Top Five Things to Do in Douro


The Douro Valley region is an amazing European travel destination. It is also well known for delicious Port Wine. There are many beautiful vineyards on long hills, and luxurious wine hotels. But there is more to Douro than being the Port wine region.

1. Stay in a Wine Hotel in Douro

Stay in a wine hotel in the middle of the vineyards and wake up every morning to the beautiful landscapes of the Douro Valley. The luxury wine hotels in Douro have a long tradition in welcoming guests and offer the best conditions for an amazing stay in the Douro.

2. Go for a Wine Tasting Tour

Enjoy a wine tasting tour in some of the best wineries and vineyards in the world. Douro was the first Demarcated Region and its vineyards and wines are well known worldwide. Here you can taste some of the best Portuguese wines, learn more about the its production and the characteristics of each wine and appreciate some of the most beautiful views in the world.

See all our suggestions for the best wine tasting tours in Douro.

3. Relax in a Wine Cruise in Douro

Either in a sailing boat or in a luxury yacht, enjoy a cruise in the Douro Valley while you taste some of the best wines of the region and simply relax to the sound of the water.

4. Enjoy a tasting menu at the best restaurants in Portugal

The Douro region is rich in restaurants where you can taste the best flavors of the Portuguese cuisine, reinvented by the hands of the most famous chefs in Portugal.

Book a tasting menu in the best restaurants in the Douro Valley.

5. Participate in a picnic in the vineyards overlooking the Douro region

Enjoy a lunch or picnic where you will have the opportunity to taste regional products paired with the best Douro wines.

Appreciate a lunch or picnic in the vineyards at Quinta do Pôpa.

So whether you’re in Douro for a short or long stay, make sure you don’t miss all these amazing activities in the Douro Valley.


By Wine Tourism in Portugal blog