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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Winemaking: FAQs and Tips

Introduction: Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, and one crucial aspect that can elevate your special day is the selection of wine. At Wine Butler, we specialize in crafting exquisite wines that are perfect for weddings. Whether you’re looking to serve our handcrafted wines at your reception or give them as unique gifts to your guests, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll address some frequently asked questions and provide valuable tips to help you navigate the winemaking process for your wedding.

  1. Liquor License: If you plan on serving wine at your wedding, it’s essential to apply for a Special Occasion License. Visit the following link for detailed information: Link: Special Occasion License. However, if you intend to give the wine away as wedding favors, no license is required.
  2. Venue Considerations: Before finalizing your wedding venue, ensure they allow you to bring your own wine, even if it’s intended as gifts. Additionally, if your venue permits you to serve the wine, inquire about any potential corkage fees. Corkage fees are service charges per bottle for serving the wine. Confirming these details in advance will help you plan accordingly.
  3. Estimating Consumption: To estimate the amount of wine needed for your wedding, consider using a third-party drink calculator like Perfect Party Planning’s Drink Calculator. As a general guideline, people typically consume red wine to white wine in a ratio of 2:1.
  4. Winemaking Process: Making your own wine for your wedding is an exciting and unique experience. The winemaking process at Wine Butler involves two visits, spaced approximately 5-6 weeks apart. During the initial visit (lasting 5-10 minutes), you’ll pay for the wine and start the fermentation process. The second visit, which takes about 30 minutes per batch, involves bottling the finished product. These visits provide an opportunity to engage with the winemaking process and create a wine that truly reflects your taste and style.
  5. Wine Selections: At Wine Butler, we offer a wide range of exceptional wines that can be customized to suit your preferences. To explore our wine selections, priced in 28-30 bottles, visit our Wine List. As a special offer for wedding orders, we would like to extend a 40% discount on the wine portion of your order, ensuring both quality and affordability.
  6. Pricing Example: To give you an idea of our pricing, here’s an example:
  • International Wine Make (28-30 bottles): $225 with 40% off = $138.90 (tax included) + $39.55 for bottles. Total: $178.45 (tax included).
  • Exceptional Wine Make (28-30 bottles): $255 with 40% off = $156.90 (tax included) + $39.55 for bottles. Total: $196.45 (tax included).
  • Superb Wine Make (28-30 bottles): $285 with 40% off = $174.90 (tax included) + $39.55 for bottles. Total: $214.45 (tax included). This price includes tax, basic labels, corks, foils, boxes, and everything else you need to create your own unique wedding wine.
  1. Custom Labels: To add a personal touch to your wedding wine, consider custom labels. Visit our Customized Wine Labels page for more information.

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