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How to Taste Wine with your Nose: Common Factors

k1Common factors to try to find when smelling wine:


Is the liquor from equilibrium with the rest of the wine?

The mark of well-balanced wine is when nobody particular element protrudes greater than the others. These components can vary depending on the wine, yet as a whole a wine should never be also sweet, also alcoholic, also bitter, as well acidic or as well astringent. You could effortlessly tell if a wine’s alcohol is out of equilibrium merely by smelling it. If the alcoholic beverages is as well overwhelming to the various other components, it will make your nose burn (actually). This is described as being “warm”.


Is it oaky, floral or fruity?

Oftentimes it matters not to a lot of individuals whether it’s one or the various other. Nevertheless, for a bunch of us out there that have a preference– white wines specifically– this is invaluable to knowing whether you’ll such as the wine just before you ever taste it. I have missed several white wines (generally Chardonnay) simply by scenting it because I smelled buttery vanilla (which I personally do not such as). On the other side, I enjoy natural, oaky reds so when I take a whiff of a wine as well as I detect a little buttered toast or cigar– I know I’m going to fall in love.


While the smells of fruit are visiting be noticeable to the majority of us, sensing what “oaky” might smell like might possibly be more difficult simply because we’re not surrounded by oak like we are fruits every day. Some usual signs of the oak are visiting be:

  • Tobacco/Cigar.
  • Toasted Bread.
  • Smoked Meats.

Is the wine ruined/spoiled?

This is going to be one of the most undesirable of smells, and also I hope you seldom every encounter it. If the wine is bad, you immediately scent vinegar– almost an ammonia scent. This is referred to as “Volatile Acidity” and it suggests bacterial putridity.


Is the wine from a warmer or cooler climate?

This would just be helpful if you were doing a blind sampling, however I’m mentioning it because it’s still enjoyable! Cooler environment wines such as from Germany, Austria and also numerous areas of France and also Northern Italy will have essences such as berries, natural herbs, orchard fruits and also florals. On the other side, warmer climate grapes such as CA, Australia and even the Rhone region of France will have deeper or perhaps more tropical tastes such as plums, juicy pears, mangos as well as peaches. This pertains to the grapes and the sunshine they receive. The warmer and also sunnier it is, the faster the grapes ripen and the greater the alcoholic beverages and sweets content. Typically, warmer environment wines tend to have a riper, fruitier flavor.