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Margo’s Cottage March Limited Release


Based On: Chateau Margaux $225, 000 Per Bottle
This 227 year old wine is in the Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Never Sold category. Chateau Margaux is one of the oldest and most-esteemed labels in the world.
In 1989, the bottle collided with a tray at a wine dinner and New York wine merchant William Sokolin collected $225, 000 from insurance! (He was seeking half a million for the bottle, which, they claimed, had also been owned by Thomas Jefferson.)

Price per glass: $37,500.

Our Version: Margo’s Cottage
An elegant dry Vieux Chateau wine with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Rich in complexity with inviting flavours full of fruit with a long satisfying finish. A perfect wine for mushroom based dishes or grilled salmon.

Craft Approx 28-30 Bottles – $119*
RED. France.
Sugar Code: 0 Alcohol Vol: 12%

You Save $6.3 Million Per Batch