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How to Make your Own Wine Tasting Event

0128-2Wine is suggested to be taken in with food, not wolfed down in fantastic gulps. Make certain to have a selection of little nibbles to accompany your tasting. Some suggestions include:


  • Plain, buttered or topped with a flavored olive oil (truffle is quite great).
  • Crackers.
  • Cheese.
  • Olives.
  • Cured meats.
  • Dark delicious chocolate.

Now into the complicated part, the best ways to evaluate the wines.

  • Look: Have a look at your glass. Go ahead and hold it as much as the light, Check out its color, clarity and depth.
  • Nose: Swirl the wine around in your glass, but not too vigorously, you understand. The exception to this is if you’re tasting shimmering wine. You don’t want to blow the bubbles off or else it’ll quickly go flat. Next, take a big whiff and consider the scent. Is it intense or weak? Can you pick up any fruit qualities?
  • Palate: Now comes the ideal component– tasting. You do not need to get all, “I’m getting tips of tobacco,” just close your eyes, and consider what you’re tasting. Is it sweet? Boozy? Slightly acidic? Do you notice any fruits or earthy tones?



After all that, what did you think? Did it taste stabilized? Mature? Exactly what’s your individual take on what you simply sampled?

Now attempt a bite of food and taste the wine again. I wager you’ll find some distinctions this time around around.