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Make Wine For A Wedding

​Hi there – thank you for your email we appreciate you reaching out to us.


First off, you have contacted the right place. We have made wine for thousands of wedding either to be served at the function or as a great gift to your guests. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the winemaking process.


Liquor License


You will need to apply for a Special Occasion License if you intend to serve the wine at your wedding. Click here for details:


No license is required if you intend to give the wine away as your wedding favours.


Does the venue allow it?


Confirm with the location you have chosen that they allow you to bring your own wine (even if it is for gifts).


If you plan to serve the wine at your venue and they allow it find out if there is a corkage fee. A corkage fee is a service charge (charged per bottle) for serving the wine.


Here is a third party drink calculator to help you judge consumption:


Generally speaking people consume red wine to white wine 2/3 to 1/3…


There are two visits involved to make your wine, the visits are 5-6 weeks apart. The first is a quick visit (5-10 minutes) to pay for the wine and start the fermentation, the second visit to bottle the finished product – count on about 30 minutes per batch.


Here are wine selections – priced in 28-30 bottles:


To help you out, Wine Butler would like to offer you 40% off the wine portion of your order.


Pricing example: Bottles are 1.35$ each


International Wine Make 28-30 bottles $235 with 40% off = $144.90 tax in + $41.70 for bottles . Total is $186.60 (tax in).
Exceptional wine. Make 28-30 bottles $265 with 40% off = $162.90 tax in + $41.70 for bottles . Total is $204.60 (tax in).
Superb Wine Make 28-30 bottles $295 with 40% off = $180.90 tax in + $41.70 for bottles . Total is $222.60 (tax in).


This includes tax, basic labels, corks, foils, boxes (everything).


All bulk purchases must be paid for at time of purchase via Debit or Credit.

Here is a link for custom labels: . They are available through a third party for an additional charge (roughly $40 per 30 labels)


Let us know if you have any questions.


To start the process simply visit and click on Make Wine.Use promo code: butler.


Thank you!