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How To Make The Perfect Sangria


If rosé is “summer water, ” sangria has got to be summer’s “juice.” On hot summer days, there’s nothing quite as thirst-quenching as a glass of juicy, fruity, and extra-boozy sangria. With tons of sangria recipes out there, finding that perfect summer recipe can certainly be a challenge — until now.


After much testing and tasting, we’ve come up with the perfect sangria recipe to get you through all of your porch parties, patio get-togethers, and weekend barbecues centered around the grill. All you need is five basic ingredients, plus some fresh fruit, and you’re well on your way to making your best sangria yet!


2 bottles of Rioja wine (young, nothing older than Crianza)

½ cup of triple sec (or Cointreau)

½ cup of brandy

½ cup of simple syrup

4 oranges (2 sliced, 2 squeezed into juice)

1 sliced apple

1 handful of red grapes

1 handful of blackberries (or strawberries)

1 sliced lemon

1 sliced lime


In a pitcher, add wine, triple sec, brandy, simple syrup, and squeezed orange juice. Stir. Add fresh-fruit ingredients and stir. Let sangria stand in fridge for at least two hours, though overnight is ideal. Add half-liter of soda water just before serving. Serve chilled. Enjoy!


By: Vicki Denig

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