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Learn Wine Pairing Tips For V-day!

m2Every year for Valentine’s Day, my beloved treats me to a wonderful multi-course meal, cooked, and also tidied up with his very own hands. The least I can do is bring an appropriate wine. Here are some tips:


  1. Suit the weight as well as strength of the meals to the exact same features in the wine. As an example, the timeless V-day treat of fresh briny oysters is a great match for a crisp Muscadet or a sprightly sauvignon blanc, while a hearty beef stew will be great with a significant cabernet sauvignon or syrah.
  2. Acid refreshes a wine’s acids cancel fat and salt. An appetizing pinot grigio can work as a taste buds cleanser when drunk with fried food, such as crunchy calamari.
  3. Wonderful tames spice if something spicy is on the menu, a wine with a bit of sweetness could help to tame the heat. Rieslings are a great wager, as they often have some residual sweets. (On the other hand, wines that are high in alcoholic beverages could intensify the seasoning.).
  4. Tannins enjoy fat Tannic wines (think about the feeling your teeth get after eating spinach or consuming black tea – that’s the effect that tannin has) are great with abundant, fatty proteins-short ribs for example- but a bad pairing with the oils found in fish.
  5. Desserts are for the sweet. After-dinner drink ought to go to the very least as wonderful as the dessert. Put a delicate moscato with a fruit tart, a strengthened tawny port with a decadent chocolate mousse.