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Learn the Best Matches for Fish and Chips


These days you can find fish and chips in the menu of many restaurants, and pairing wine with this delicious meal has become a popular choice.

Here are the tips from Fiona Beckett on the 6 best pairings of wine with fish and chips:

  1. sparkling wine is always great with deep-fried foods – Champagne if you’re feeling extravagant, cava if you aren’t (Champagne’s wicked with fish fingers too!) (Or an English sparkling wine, of course as I was tartly reminded on Twitter by an English winemaker. Mea culpa!)
  2.  a crisp Sauvignon Blanc is always a winner. So are similarly citrussy whites like Rueda, especially if you have a very sharp, punchy tartare sauce with your fish.
  3. smooth dry whites like unoaked Chardonnay (especially Chablis) or Chenin Blanc go particularly well if you’re serving your fish with mushy peas.
  4. dry perry – or cider – but I personally prefer perry (pear cider) with fish as it tastes more like a white wine. Sparkling perry is good too – on the same basis as Champagne.
  5. best bitter or pale ale – depending on what you call it. I’m not sure this isn’t the best pairing of all.
  6. black tea – with milk, of course. Another great British favourite.