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Know How to Make and Receive Wine Toasting

h2Salutes can be made with wine or any other beverage. Generally, you do not toast to yourself, although some people now believe that it’s all right to raise your glass in feedback. In either case, you do not drink if you’re the one being toasted.

Rules in wine toasting:

  • The host can and should propose the first toast (a welcome toast) to begin the dining.
  • If the event has a guest of honor, the host proposes a toast to that person.

The guest of honor, regardless of gender, responds to the toast by thanking and toasting the host, and thanking everyone for their attendance. In fact, guest of honor or otherwise, if you’re toasted, you must always respond with a toast.

At large occasions where you want to command the attention of a room or of more than one table, rising for the toast is traditional. For smaller events, rising isn’t really necessary; simply request everyone’s attention. When you have the floor, be considerate; take a minute or less to make the toast; and be seated again.

Clinking your crystal with a fork to get interest is gauche and also potentially unsafe.