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How to pair Indian food and wine


Spicy food and wine, if paired right can be a delicious experience. There are some wines that can enhance the flavours and spices found in Indian cuisine, while other wines can mask them.

Indian food

Indian food is one of the most complete in flavours, and requires a good beverage to accompany. It can be tricky to find the right wine to pair with curries, samosas or spicy dishes. To help you out, here are some ideas on how to pair wine with Indian food.

Fish curries

In Indian cuisine we can find curries with lamb, chicken and fish. For the curry dishes, we can choose white wines or even Txakolí type, a speciality from Basque Country.

Txacolí Gorrondona 2012

Txacolí Gorrondona 2012 is a white wine with Txacoli De Bizcaia DO based on the top of ondarrabi Zuri from 2012 vintage and 11.5º of volume of alcohol.

Indian spices

The flavours of traditional Indian cuisine are dominated by many spices such ascoriander, cumin and fennel. They offer tasty blends, both on meat and fish, and can get to be spicy in many degrees. For these, grenache and syrah wines are recommended.

Montes Alpha Syrah 2011

Montes Alpha Syrah 2011 is a wine red with DO Colchagua Valley based on the best of syrah from 2011 and 14.75º of alcohol content.

To refresh the palate

If we notice that Indian food is spicy for our taste -quite common, otherwise- we can freshen the palate with white, rosé and sparkling wines and Côtes du Rhône.

Château la Rolière Côtes Du Rhône Brézème Rosé 2012

Château la Rolière Côtes Du Rhône Brézème Rosé 2012 is a rosé wine of the Côtes Du Rhône DO of 2012. A wine rosé rated with 3,3 points on 5 according to Uvinum’s users.

Other white wines

White wines that go best with this dishes must be somewhat sweet to counteract the strong flavours of this cuisine. ThereforeRiesling or Albariño wines are emerging among the ones you can try if you eat Indian.

Hugel Et Fils Riesling Hugel Alsace 2011

Hugel Et Fils Riesling Hugel Alsace 2011 is a white wine Alsace with a blend based on riesling of 2011 and with an alcohol proof of 13º.

Red wines

In addition to white wines, red can also pair with Indian spicy food. For example, they must be wines with some sweetness, such as Cabernet Franc or Loire.

Caves de la Loire Rosé Danjou L’Ambroisie 2013

Caves de la Loire Rosé Danjou L’Ambroisie 2013 is a rosé wine with DO Anjou-Coteaux de la Loire from the Les Caves de la Loire cellar with 2013 grapes and 10.5º of volume of alcohol.