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Crafting Your Own Wine Is Fun

Handcrafted wine is easy, fun, and affordable.

Easy to do. Consumers don’t need any special skills to make a well-balanced, elegant wine. Staff at craft wine retailers (Canadian Craft Winemakers Assn. store directory at ( expertly guide them through the process step-by-step.

There is a real pride that comes with custom-vinting your own wine. Sample your wine as soon as it’s ready in our tasting room, then age your wine and experience the subtle difference in the taste that develops over time. Design your own custom wine label.

The bottling atmosphere is so laid-back; it really makes for an enjoyable experience. You can even test your wine while you bottle! They set you up at a bottling station, where they teach you how to fill your bottles with the wine, use an air-powered corker to cork them, and master the shrink-wrap station to cover the tops in the colour of your choice