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The Best Wine Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a chateau where you have acres of cellar available for your wine collection?Unfortunately, many of us live in small spaces where we’re lucky if we can spare even a few square feet for an extra armchair.

But a small dwelling doesn’t mean you need to run to the wine store every time you want a bottle to drink. How you answer the following questions can help you determine the best type of storage for your space.

Do you live in a studio or work from home where vibrations and lights from a wine fridge would be distracting?

Do you often have guests and need as much open space as possible to entertain?

Does your place vacillate in temperature?

Are you trying to grow a collection or do you frequently drink whatever you have on hand?

Show off your best bottles with wall racks

If you like to keep a just few bottles on hand for when you entertain, a rack, rather than a fridge, may suit your needs perfectly. One idea, especially if you entertain frequently, is the Vynebar 4- or 8-bottle Vertical Wine Rack.

Chic and innovative, the Vynebar Vertical Racks are designed to eliminate countertop clutter and display wine in a unique, fun and stylish way.

This sleek holder turns your bottles into wall art and serves as a great conversation piece. It doesn’t take up any additional space, so you can leave tabletops open for hors d’oeuvres and floor space free for guests to stand and mingle.

Vynebar racks are made from lightweight recycled aluminum, so they mount easily to a variety of wall materials. They’re durable, ensuring your wine will stay securely in place. Finally, these racks require no assembly — chic simplicity.

Add to your wine collection with modular racks that stack

Another factor for consideration is temperature. If the air in your place is well-regulated and one of your rooms has a dark, cool space, you may be able to store more wine with a larger rack.

Perfect for smaller spaces or expansive walls, these scallop racks can be customized to fit any space.

The Bamboo Scallop 18-Bottle Rack fits easily into small spaces, such as a closet. This two-tiered system is lacquer-coated to ensure durability and longevity. The scalloped design holds your bottles securely in place.

The standard rack holds 18 bottles, but the modular design allows for more 9-bottle racks to be installed should your collection grow. Ladies, your shoes may have met their match.

Age special bottles with a wine fridge

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t be a serious oenophile. If you’re growing a collection, a wine fridge may still be the best option.

The Avanti 30-Bottle Wine Cooler is perfect for small-space owners who want to age special bottles. This fridge can be used as a freestanding piece, but it also has the flexibility to be built into your kitchen. The adjustable thermostat allows you to set the proper temperature while the LED temperature display will ensure that your bottles are being stored correctly.

The 30-Bottle Front-Venting Mini-Cellar will fit in most trash compactor spaces or it can be built-in directly to your kitchen. They are also perfect for freestanding use.

The double tempered-glass door keeps cool air from escaping. Finally, the unit has a security lock to ensure children don’t break any bottles or pesky house guests don’t accidentally drink your cherished Barolo.

If you have a bit more space to spare and want to start building a larger collection, consider the Loft 153-Bottle Dual Zone Cellar. The upper zone can be set from 41° to 59°F, and the lower zone can be set from 45° to 64°F.So you can store and age your reds on top, and keep your white wines cool on the bottom.

Essentials to start your wine collection

Once you’ve installed the best wine storage solution that fits with your space, it’s time to have a little fun getting your collection started. Finally you can stock more than one or two bottles and keep a small variety of wines on hand for different wine-drinking occasions (and yes, we consider a glass of wine with Wednesday’s dinner an occasion). These five types of wines are a good starting point for you collection.


A nice Prosecco is the perfect sparkler to always have available. Whether you want to make bellinis for brunch or want to be prepared for an impromptu celebratory toast, this wine is an excellent fridge friend.


Not just for summer, rosés are vinified in a variety of styles, from light and crisp hot-weather sippers to richer, full-bodied styles that work well in colder months. You can find rosé year-round for any season.

A bottle of white, a bottle of red

Now that you have a wine fridge or rack, you can stock up on those bottles you love. Then you’ll always be able to drink what you like — or always be able to share your favorites with friends.

Dessert wine

Whether you like the richness of a port or the light effervescence of a Brachetto, a dessert wine is always lovely to bring out when enjoying your meal’s finale (or when you’re diving into a pint of ice cream and watching a movie).


By: Shana Sokol

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