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5 Tips for Storing Opened Wine

1. Re-cork It Right

First thing to be done is to replace the cork correctly, this will preserve your wine. Even though it may be easier to get the “clean” side in, don’t do it. The stained side is what should continue to be used. That “clean” side is not so clean, you don’t know what it has been exposed to, plus it can taint the remaining wine.

2. Use Half Bottles

Air flattens your wine, lessening flavors and aromas. To minimize air exposure, use a funnel to pour the remaining vino into a screw-cap half bottle. Even if there’s a little air at the top, it’s far less than in a regular bottle.

3. Refrigerate It

It’s amazing how often people will keep leftover wine on the counter after they’ve recorked it. You wouldn’t do that with food, so don’t with wine. The cool temp can’t stop exposed wine from breaking down, but it can slow the process significantly.

4. Don’t “Open” It

If popping high-end bottles is what you call Wednesday (or you’re itching to taste those gems in your cellar), it may be time for a Coravin. This device, which looks much like a Rabbit opener, pierces the cork with a needle and tops the bottle with argon gas. -Pour what you want, remove the needle and the cork will seal naturally. Many restaurants use it to sell top-shelf wines by the glass. $299,

5. Finish It

Look, there are roughly five glasses of wine in a regular 750-ml bottle. If you and yours have two glasses each and split that last glass—all while eating a decent-sized dinner—it’s not bad. In fact, according to recent studies, 1–3 glasses a day may improve your heart health.


Source: Wine Enthusiast