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4 Awesome Facts About Malbec

Argentina ‘Saved’ Malbec

Argentina has over 75% of all the acres of Malbec in the world. In a way, Argentina reinvigorated Malbec as one of the top grapes. Now it grows in seven countries and continues to grow in popularity.

Malbec’s Blind Tasting Tell

Look for a magenta rim. Malbec wine is a deep purple that is nearly opaque, similar to Syrah However, Malbec wines will often have a bright magenta rim. A tell!

Malbec Loves High Elevation

In lower elevations, Malbec grapes struggle to produce acidity to create great tasting and long lasting wine. High elevation areas with a wide temperature shift ( hot days, cold nights) make the grapes produce more acidity. Find out why acidity is so important.

Not As Much Oak as You Might Think

Because of Malbec’s bold flavors and richness, many wine tasters believe that industrious use of oak is employed. Not true! In the $9-12 range you’ll find most Argentine Malbec to have only about 6 months of oak aging. 10-12 months of oaking Malbec will give it that classic ‘blueberry’ smell. Some Malbec wines are aged for a long time (18-20 months), but you have to pay to play. Expect to spend around $24+ for Reserva Argentine Malbec and more for US Malbec.

Malbec Food Pairing

Umami lover. Unlike Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec doesn’t have a super long finish. Because of this, Malbec is great with leaner red meats (ostrich anyone?). The wine does extremely well with funky flavors like blue cheese and rustic flavors like mushrooms and cumin spice.