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Old Vines Zinfandel. 2017 Limited Release Limited Supply Wine.


It seems like only yesterday I was strolling through the sun-soaked vineyards of Napa Valley, admiring the sun setting over the California landscape with a glass of Old Vines Red Zinfandel held delicately between two fingers.

I stopped to admire the 90 year old vines that stood gnarled, thick and bent in long rows, looming like the old, wise elders of the vineyard—the last of a vine that had once dominated the California vineyards.

Back in cold, blustery Canada we can capture a little bit of the warm California sun with our brand new Old Vines Red Zinfandel. Not to be confused with the sweet, pink-coloured, rosé—this is a full-bodied, powerful, all-American masterpiece full of ripe berry flavours and just a little hint of spice to keep you warm this winter.

Try Old Vines Zin in a mulled wine recipe or with your favourite cold-weather comfort dishes like red meats, chilis, and stews.

We are currently offering this top-tier limited-edition red to our Wine Butler family at 40% off first-come-first-served. This is $132.90 to make 28 bottles, tax in.*

As always we extend our full money back guarantee on this wine so there is no risk to trying it!

And don’t forget, our wines will always have 1/7th of the preservatives (sulphites) you’ll find in typical LCBO wines.

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