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10 Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

q2Instead of throwing those old bottle, use them in a variety of bottle crafts. You can create lamps, decorative vases, and also hurricanes from old bottle, and there are many other points to make with wine containers. Don’t forget to save the corks, too!

1.  Create a Faux Dichroic Glass Recycled Bottle and give your old bottle a unexpected look. The fancy container can be used to store homemade oils or vinegars, or you can display it as a decorative vase. If you’re looking for things to do with old bottle, this is the perfect project.

2.  Transform a vacant wine bottle into a Recycled Bottle Lamp. To do this, you require a 1/2-inch glass, tile drill little or gemstone bit, as well as a string of small lights. Lay the clean and dry bottle on a fabric.

3.  After washing and taking out labels, load the vacant container with mass dishwashing fluid or a couple of stems of silk flowers, as viewed with the Amazing Vase Craft with Recycled Glass.

4.  Turn wine bottles into consuming glasses or Beaded Glass Votice Candle Holders. Flat-bottomed bottles of specific white wine varieties or Bordeaux wines are most effectively for making drinking glasses. You can even add etched monogrammeds for that extra-classy touch.

5.  Cut off the leading and bottom of a wine container to create candle “hurricanes.” Use a bit of cord to create a holder for a tea light or small pillar candle. If you’re looking for even more points to do with old bottle, you can even make Tuscan Lighting Candlesticks.

6.  Use wine containers to create garden edges. Bury upside down concerning halfway up or further. For another garden concept, learn about the wonderful Southern practice of bottle trees.

7.  Fill with layers of tinted sand as well as set on a windowsill to recollect the beach.

8. Usage as decorative containers for flavored olive oils, such as by adding dried chilies, sun dried tomatoes, dried basil, or rosemary. You can purchase a plastic pour spout for the bottle top.

9. Create your own Chalkboard Paint Bottles and also write inspiring words or phrases on every one.

10.  Transform an aged bottle into a Green Pendant Wind Chime. You can use the spout or simply cut off the bottom of the bottle as well as use a shell or other weight for the chime.