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If you had a wine job, what would it be? (Flow chart)


What would you do if you worked in the wine industry? Follow the flow chart and find your dream wine job.


Anyone can make wine but it takes a visionary thinker to make great wine. You’ll be constantly tapping into your skills of leadership and perseverance to see your vision come to life. It’ll be hard, but that’s part of what makes it so worth it. Want to know how great wines are made?

Enologist (winemaking science)

If you’ve always delved into the nitty gritty of how things work and have amazing depth of knowledge on the topics about which you’re passionate. Science and logic are your friends. You also like the idea of being puppet master to an army of billions of yeast. Find out more about enology

Wine Grower (aka Viticulturist)

You are a natural observer who sees the subtle details that others always seem to miss. As someone who is comfortable outdoors, you’ve come to recognize that there’s a cause-and-effect to everything and you’ve come to respect it. You could grow amazing grapes.

Winery Owner

You like people that’s for sure, but more importantly they like you. This charisma has helped you to grow your empire and brought you the delight of wine. You know it’s crazy to start a winery, but if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s you.

Tasting Room Staff

Tons of free wine. Check. Getting to hang out with people in their happiest moments. Check. What could be better?

Winery Sales Rep

Your gregarious personality and fondness of wining and dining can finally result in cash in your pocket! Sure, you can sell just about anything in the world, but this is clearly the most fun. The best part is that your customers will become your lifelong friends.


If there’s anyone who can figure out how to make a business of you traveling to all your favorite wine regions, it’s you. You tend to see problems more like a game and, because of this, you’re always coming up with clever solutions. You’ve got this.


You’re much more self-directed than your friends. In fact, you can usually get more done on your own (by creating your own systems) than you do when you’re forced to work in a group. Apply these skills to an independent job as a wine distributor and it will be easy for you to climb all the way to the top.


You’ve always been interested in topics that take you well outside of the standard lifestyle. Whatever you choose to do, it should be something you’re passionate about, and if it means putting in a few extra hours, you’re all for it.

Wine Marketer

Use your awesome communication skills to get people excited to drink wine. Yes, this is actually legal. Sign me up.

Wine Blogger

All you need to do is start a blog with a unique angle in wine, write for it consistently, develop a decent social media strategy to gain followers, and the wine will start to pour in. If you’re serious about it, you can even write for Wine Folly.


By Madeline Puckette

I’m a certified wine geek with a passion for meeting people, travel, and delicious food. You often find me crawling around dank cellars or frolicking through vineyards. Find me at@WineFolly

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