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Which Wine Accessories Make the Best Gifts?

If you have a wine enthusiast you are looking to find a gift for, your first thought may be to go with wine accessories. The problem is that you are concerned they may have everything they need already, particularly if they have been enjoying wine for a number of years. While that may be a tad trickier because they are unlikely to need more stemware or a corkscrew, there are still some unique items that they will find useful and very much appreciate.

Decanter – Even someone who has been enjoying wine for quite a while may not have taken the time to get a decanter. Many people think that a decanter is just a fancy way to serve wine, so if they do not entertain often, it may have been skipped. Get them one and, if necessary, let them know that a decanter opens up the flavors of many red wines to get the ultimate enjoyment from them.

Stemware Markers – If they do entertain, stemware markers are a useful choice for wine accessories. Even if they already have some, these are fun to collect, so their guests have more options to choose from.

Upgrades – If you’ve seen their stemware or even their corkscrew, you may have realized that getting them something higher quality could be a great option. Wine tastes infinitely better in higher-quality stemware, so this is a gift they will come to really appreciate.


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