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Valpolicella – 2018 Limited Release Wine


Valpolicella is a zone of the province of Verona, Italy, east of Lake Garda.

The red wine known as Valpolicella is typically made from three grape varieties: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara.

Winemaking in the region has existed since at least the time of the ancient Greeks. The name “Valpolicella” appeared in charters of the mid-12th century, combining two valleys previously thought of independently. Its etymology is unknown; it might derive from a Latin and Greek mixture for “Valley of Cellars.”

Today Valpolicella’s economy is heavily based on wine production. The region, colloquially called the “pearl of Verona”, has also been a preferred location for rural vacation villas.

The tradition of using partially dried-grapes (seen today in the modern Valpolicella wines of Amarone) was known as the “Greco” or “Greek style” of winemaking, with its origins likely dating back to the 6th century AD.

We only secure a small amount and they are yours first-come-first served. We have priced them to sell at $120.90 to craft 28 bottles if you use promo code: Limited .

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Food Pairings: Tradition recommends typical Italian appetizers, pastarice and country soups, dishes with truffle, grilled, roasted or braised red meatpoultry, roast lamb, stewed, or sauteed vegetables; hard and semi-hard cheese with medium-long ripening, tasty but not strong. Very pleasant with are cooked meat.

We are currently offering this top-tier limited-edition white to our Wine Butler family at $120.90 tax in to make 28 bottles.

As always we extend our full money back guarantee on this wine, so you can purchase in confidence!

And don’t forget, our wines have 1/7th of the preservatives (sulphites) you’ll find in typical commercially purchased wines.

If you would like to reserve simply click here using promo code: Limited . We will contact you to confirm the details.

*$3.90 In Tax Not Included. Bottles Not Included -bring your own or $1.10 per bottle. Crafts approximately 28-30 750ml bottles. Must be 19+. Takes 6- 8 weeks to process. Wine Butler is typically full 1-2 weeks in advance for bottling. Not valid with any other offers! This offer is not retroactive in any circumstance. Existing orders will not be cancelled or modified.

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