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Unique Wines From Around The World

Chocolate wine

Wine and chocolate are two of the biggest diet temptations, so blending them together must have been inevitable.

Chocolate Shop, a Washington State winery, blends Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc before infusing the base with chocolate.

After being aged in oak, this chocolate treat becomes the ultimate dessert wine.


Jalapeno wine

Those with a taste for spicy hot flavours have mixed jalapenos with just about everything. Following a craze that resulted in jalapeno ice cream, bread and jam, jalapeno wine has now hit the market.

What’s even more unusual about this wine is the complete lack of grapes – it’s made entirely from jalapeno peppers!

The winery that makes this hot drop, Cardinal Hollow, says the wine won’t burn your mouth, but will leave you with a warmth that follows the wine all the way down.


Bacon wine

In another odd food choice, America’s obsession with bacon has spilled into the Napa Valley.

Napa Valley Bacon Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t cut corners. The wine is not just infused or flavoured, it’s fermented almost entirely with bacon.



All fans of space should get a kick out of this wine. Meteorito is a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon wine aged with a 4.5-million-year-old meteorite that is believed to have crash landed in the Atacama Desert 6,000 years ago.

Ian Hutcheon, astronomer and winemaker, says the meteorite gives the wine a ‘livelier taste”.

Whatever the taste, aspiring astronauts and space-lovers should truely enjoy a wine that’s almost literally ‘out-of-this-world’.


Feline Wine

Fortunately, this is the one entry on the list that isn’t named for the ingredients in it. A new wine in Japan has been released exclusively for cats.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau is a non-alcoholic beverage that contains Cabernet grapes, vitamin C and catnip.

The drink supposedly tastes like red wine, and pet supplies company B&H Lifes decided it would be the perfect way to celebrate your cats birthday or Christmas.

By: The Vintec Club

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