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Torrontes Wine

Wines of Argentina
Wines of Argentina

Torrontes is Argentina’s signature white wine grape. There are more than 20, 000 acres committed to cultivating the Torrontes grapes. Argentina has chosen this grape to be its white wine ambassador. In the total of white wine variety plantations, Chardonnay comes in 2nd to Torrontes.

Quality tends to be pretty consistent with this super aromatic grape, with the best Torrontes typically coming from the Argentina’s high altitude vineyards which see plenty of sunshine during the day and considerably cooler nights. This dramatic day to night temperature change (technically called “diurnal shift”) is a positive perk for the grape’s innate acidity.

Torrontes Taste Profile

Torrontes is a highly aromatic, dry white wine from Argentina. Signature scents for Torrontes wines include explosive perfumes that center on honeysuckle, peach and apricot. This white wine wonder typically shows a medium body with medium acidity. Just as fresh on the palate as the nose, green apple, citrus and frequent peach-driven undertones tend to exert the heaviest influence the flavor profile.

Torrontes Origins

Most believe that the Torrontes grape is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria (one of the oldest grape varieties from the ancient world) and Criolla Chica (Originally from Spain and one of California’s original “mission” grapes thought to be brought to the New World by the Spanish conquistadors).

Torrontes Wine and Food Pairings

Torrontes’ easy-going style gives it top dibs for being the perfect picnic wine. Typically lighter in style than say a Chardonnay or serious Sauvignon Blanc and wonderfully fragrant, Torrontes carries medium levels acidity, which make for fabulous food-pairing versatility. The freshness factor found in Torrontes begs for Asian fare, zesty Mexican dishes (including guacamole!), fresh seafood and shellfish or grilled chicken with a squeeze of lemon juice. Torrontes will also bring some serious zip to a spread of sweet and savory appetizers.

Torrontes Wine Brands to Try:

Alamos, Alta Vista, Bodega Colome, Bodega Lurton, Bodega Norton, Crios de Susana Balbo, Tilia, TriVento

Given the stellar price, the intense aromatics and food-friendly acidity, Torrontes makes its case as a solid everyday white wine, especially for summer sipping.


By Stacy Slinkard, AboutFood