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Gewurztraminer Wines

Gewurztraminer wine grapes on the vine
Gewurztraminer wine grapes on the vine

Gewurztraminer is a white grape grown primarily in Australia, Germany, France, the U.S., and New Zealand, where the climate is cooler and which allow the flavors to concentrate. The finest Gewurztraminer wines come from Alsace and Germany. In German “Gewurz,” means spice, and this is a hot aromatic clue as to what to anticipate from this zesty white wine.

The Gewurztraminer grape itself grows best in cooler climates (increasing innate acidity) and leans towards pink in color. The wine takes this richer colored grape skin and turns it into deeper golden colored wine. Acidity is a key component of Gewurztraminer. The best Gewurztraminers have higher levels of acidity, giving the wine a lively, fresh nature. Lower levels of acidity tend to leave Gewurztraminer flabby on the palate, holding little interest and pairing potential. Typically, Gewurztraminer is made in a dry style, though the dynamic aromatics and fuller mouthfeel can give a slight impression of sweetness.

Flavor Profile:

Gewurztraminer can be made in dry or sweet varieties and are generally best if enjoyed sooner rather than later post-bottling. Flavors qualities include: honey, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, lychee nut, floral, rose, perfume, apricot and pear.

Food Pairings

These wines tend to pair well with Thai or Asian dishes, as well as zesty-flavored fare like barbecue or hot wings.

The flavor and aromas often include rose, pear, citrus, spice and mineral. Serve chilled.

Key Producers:

Hugel, Trimbach, Domaines Schlumberger, J. Hoffstater, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Albert Mann, Domaine Weinbach



Also Known As:

Traminer, Tramini, Rousselet, Gewurtz or Gavurtz