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Ten Fun Wine Facts You May Not Have Known

If you love to drink wine, it’s always a good idea to have some fun facts about your favorite drink available when chatting with friends or over your next dinner table discussion. Here are ten fun wine facts you may or may not have known, but they might be great conversation starters for your next get together:

  1.   Wine doesn’t need to be made with added sugars or chemicals because grapes naturally ferment to produce the wine flavors we love so much.
  2.   The dark green wine bottle you commonly see on store shelves was invented in the 1600s. Prior to that, wine was kept in animal skins.
  3.   More than 10,000 grape varieties exist for wine making around the world.
  4.   While you may taste wine at a “wine tasting,” wine professionals would suggest that smell is the primary sense used when drinking and selecting your favorite vintage.
  5.   In the Middle Ages, wine was made by monks who were skilled in determining soil types and the best grape growing methods.
  6.   The temperature of a wine, hot or cold, affects its flavor and should be addressed with delicacy.
  7.   Newly planted grape vines take between four and five years to grow before they can be harvested.
  8.   The shape of your wine glass can affect the way you smell and taste your chosen beverage.
  9.   There are 75 grapes in one cluster from the vine, which is also equal to one glass of wine.
  10. A single grape vine can produce ten bottles of wine.


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