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Put A Cork In It! Discover How To Save More Of Your Wine With Our 5 Handy Tips..

Did you know that the average British household throws away about two glasses of wine a week?

That’s 624 million unloved bottles across the country every year! Our new campaign Save Our Wines has one simple mission: to save your wine from the dreaded drain.

We’ve all opened a few too many bottles while among friends, and worried that our wines just don’t last that long after being uncorked. One in five of you believe white, red and rosé wines only last a maximum of half a day once opened, and one in three think Champagne loses its pop after just 1-5 hours. You may be surprised to hear that white, red, rosé and good quality English Sparkling or Champagne can actually keep for as many as five days!

Other top reasons for wine-wastage include not getting around to drinking it (42%), leaving it out of the fridge for too long (40%), forgetting to cork it (30%), and opening more bottles than guests wanted to drink (24%).

Londoners came top of our at-home wine drinkers, opening 2.1 bottles every week. They can also be the biggest culprits, throwing away around five glasses at the end of a party. One in fifty say they throw away as much as a whopping two bottles of wine every week. Saving those bottles could stock a cellar in no time!

It couldn’t be easier to start. Just follow our top 5 tips for enjoying more your wine for longer:

Avoid the drain for 3 days: Sparkling wines, rosé or white can all be kept for 3-5 days. It’s also perfectly OK to store opened red wine in the fridge. Refer to our handy infographic below for the ideal storage methods

Focus on quality: No one wants to bin a top-end Burgundy. Nearly two in three said they’d be more likely to finish higher quality wines

Consider a fortified wine: These are wines made to last. An open of bottle of Sherry for example, with the cap closed or cork in, will keep for weeks

Keep the bottle upright: Storing the wine upright minimises the surface area exposed to Oxygen, which can spoil the wine faster

Don’t open everything at once: If you are hosting a party, wait and see what wines your guests actually want to drink to avoid lots of half-consumed bottles when clearing up


By: Laithwaite’s Wine

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