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Enter To Win

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Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Entries. All giveaways are subjected to one entry per person unless stated otherwise. Multiple entries will forfeit participant from giveaway. Participants must be of legal age – 19 years or older. Participants are subjected to the following agreements: (i) Instagram. Anyone tagged in a post, comment or story (unless stated otherwise) will not be considered as a valid participant. If a post is chosen as a winner, only the original poster will be the valid winner.

Winner Declaration/Redemption. Winners will be chosen either through the form of a random draw or selection by staff and/or Influencer. Winners will be notified on specified platform (ex. Instagram, email, etc.). Winners will have a maximum of 1 month to redeem online or claim prize in-store (method of redemption will be specified in giveaway). Winners must present valid photo ID to verify participant name and age. If a second party is picking up prize on behalf of the winner, a valid photo ID of the winner must still be presented; with the addition of a valid photo ID of the second party must be presented to verify legal age. First or second party must sign off that prize has been picked up. If winner has not redeemed or claimed prize within the 1 month, winner revokes the prize and the another winner will be declared.

Disclosure. All giveaways will not require any form of monetary value to participate. All giveaways are not associated with the specified platform being used to host giveaway (ex. Instagram). Any sensitive information provided by participants (ex. Emails, phone numbers, etc.) will not be shared or given to any third-parties without permission.

Current Giveaways

Rules and agreements. All participants agree to the term & conditions listed. In-store entry only. One entry per person. Multiple entries will forfeit participant from giveaway, including a single participant entering in both locations. Must be of legal age (19 years or older) in order to participate. Giveaway will end on April 27th, 2019 at 8:00PM EDT. A total of two winners (1 for Mississauga location and 1 for Toronto location) will be randomly selected by a staff member. Winners will be contacted May 1st before 8:00PM EDT via email. Winners have 1 month to claim prize in-store at either location. A second party can claim prize on behalf of winner provided the second party is of legal age and must present valid photo ID upon visit. Additionally, a valid photo ID of winner must be presented by second-party. If prize has not been claimed by initial winner within 1 month, winner revokes prize and a new winner will be chosen. A winner will continuously be chosen until prize is claimed. Retail prize cannot be exchanged for cash value, wine and/or retail.


Groupon Giveaway

Entries. Participant entries are only eligible via Instagram. All entries are subject under the guidelines on Instagram giveaway post. Any entries outside listed guidelines will not be considered valid. All participants must be of legal age: 19 years or older.

Declarations of Winner and Redemption. Winner will be randomly selected by The Wine Butler. The Influencer will announce winner on Instagram, unless stated otherwise. 3 winners will be declared – 1 per Groupon. Winners will have 1 week to accept Groupon voucher. If winner does not accept Groupon voucher within 1 week of announcement, winner forfeits claim of prize and winner status. If such case arises, a new winner will be randomly selected from pool of eligible participants and be announced as one of the winners. The selection of a winner will continue until all 3 Groupon vouchers have been claimed. A second party will not be allowed to claim prize on behalf of the winner. All redemptions are subject to the terms and conditions listed under Groupon voucher. Please note: only NEW CLIENTS can redeem a Groupon voucher. Existing clients may enter the giveaway and claim Groupon voucher, but will not be eligible to redeem voucher.

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