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Clever wine hacks you need to know


From chilling wine in a flash to rescuing a broken cork, we’ve got your back with these wine hacks.

How to chill a bottle of wine fast

Wrap a wet dishtowel around the wine and pop in the freezer for 15 minutes. The dampness holds in the cold more effectively and ensures the entire surface of the bottle is chilled.

What to do if your wine cork breaks

Push the remaining cork down inside the bottle, then use a fine mesh strainer or sieve to pour your wine into a glass.

How to keep white wine cold

Add a couple of frozen white grapes to your glass of vino – it’ll keep it chilled without diluting the wine.

How to store wine

Anything with bubbles needs to be stored upright.

Natural corked wine should be kept horizontal to keep the cork moist.

All wines should be stored away from daylight in a cool area of the house.

How to pour sparkling wine

Chill for at least two hours before serving, hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and slowly pour down the side of the glass. Pause, and then top up the glass.

How to aerate red wine quickly

Aerate red wine by whizzing in a food blender for 20 seconds – perfect if you don’t have a decanter, or enough time to let a bottle breathe.

How to remove a cork without a corkscrew

Twist a screw down into the cork, leaving 1cm sticking out. Then use a claw hammer to gently ease out the screw and the cork together.

How to remove red wine stains from carpets and clothes

Absorb excess wine with a towel then cover the stain in salt – you’ll know it’s absorbed the red wine when it turns pink. Spoon up the excess salt after 15 minutes.

For a carpet stain, vacuum the remaining grains. For a clothes stain, pour on boiled water and allow to soak until the stain’s removed.

What to do with leftover wine

Pour wine into an ice cube tray and freeze – the wine ice cubes are perfect for popping into sauces, stews and risottos to add flavor.

Turn a bottle into a fly catcher

Dining alfresco? Use a nearly empty bottle of wine as a flytrap – flies will be drawn to it, and it will stop them buzzing around your guests.


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