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Cats have their own wine now, and you’ll never have to drink alone again.


If you’re a cat person, you probably don’t necessarily need something to bring you closer to your feline companion: After all, they’re your main cat, your ride-or-die, and the creature that never judges you for staying in bed all day. In fact, they prefer it.

But if there was a way to bring you and your cat closer together, wouldn’t you want to explore it? What if we told you that it involved wine — both for you, and for your cat?

Introducing cat wine, the brain child of a company in Denver that is wine created exclusively for cats. It’s made with catnip, fresh beets, and all-natural preservatives, and comes with a bunch of different pun-filled, cat specific names that are sure to make you smile. With a little bit of this stuff, and a glass of merlot for you, you and your cat will be blotto in no time — just make sure neither of you overdoes it. A cat with a hangover sounds like the worst thing in the world.

Yes, that’s right: Cat wine is a thing. Cats love it because it has catnip in it, their drug of choice.


There are two varieties, with clever names: Moscato (emphasis on the cat) and Pino Meow.


Apollo Peak

The Pino Meow and the Moscato are available for purchase online, starting at just $4.95 for a 1.6 ounce bottle.


Apollo Peak

According to the owner of the company, the cat wine started the way most great ideas do: It was a joke.


Apollo Peak

“I’ve usually been known to my close friends as the Cat Guy,” CEO Brandon Zavala said in an email. “I slapped a Pinot Meow label on several real bottles of wine and took to an annual trip as gifts. After hearing how great the idea was, I thought to myself, ‘why isn’t there a wine for cats?!’ The rest is history.”

By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

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