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This is the best kind of wine to pair with steak, according to a steak master


We can all agree that wine pairs nicely with steak. The question is: which wine should you choose?

If you’re ordering a fatty cut of meat, like a ribeye or New York strip, there’s only one way to go.

“Ask any steakhouse in America, and they’ll tell you that a Napa Valley Cabernet is king,” chef Wade Wiestling of Mastro’s Steakhouse in New York told Business Insider.

Wiestling describes the two as a “classic combo” and explains that “you really can’t go wrong with it.”

“If you like [your steak] charred, like I like it charred, then those Napa Valley Cabs are great,” Wiestling said.

Of course, Wiestling’s pairing recommendations vary based on the steak’s cut, aging, and sauce.

“Leaner cuts like tenderloin or filet mignon don’t have a whole lot of fat in them, so they can pair quite well with some of the lighter reds, like a Sangiovese or pinot noir,” he said.

Shutterstock/Lisovskaya Natalia

If your steak is seasoned with sweet spices or dried chilis, Wiestling recommends a Zinfandel.

“Those Zinfandels have some spice in them and they’re really rich, so obviously they cut through and complement that steak flavor,” he said.

Wiestling adds that in the end, your steak and wine pairing is “really a matter of taste.”


By: Emma Rechenberg

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