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8 Tips You Must Know Before You Buy Wine Coolers

Every hard-core wine collector has qualms about the best way to store wine, and whether or not to buy wine coolers, which are mostly considered these days. Of course, wine-cellars happen to be the best option.

However, they are neither always affordable nor always advisable; so it’s any day better to go for a wine refrigerator. But as always, there are plenty of aspects to be looked into, while purchasing something of this sort.

No.1 The most commonly known fact about wine is that it gets tastier with time, and you have got to give it all that it needs. You need to adjust the temperature and humidity accordingly, to optimum.

The better ones can circulate enough air and yet suppress the growth of mold, and more insulation and correctly treated glass panes to maintain temperature, and to protect wine from the sun. Proper insulation is necessary, especially if your refrigerator is located in an area where there’s constant temperature fluctuation.

No.2 The storage capacity is another important factor to be considered. A newbie’s wine collection will undoubtedly grow, so make sure you have enough room for more. Infuriating though it maybe to wish you had a bigger group, if your collection is indeed small, go for a smaller version. What’s in size, anyway?

No.3 The beautiful quality is, of course, something rather important. You’ve opted for a refrigerator, so it might as well be something that invites a lot of praise from visitors. Various kinds of woods are now being used to make refrigerators, along with other decorative features. A lot of models have interior lighting, to make sure that your collection doesn’t go unnoticed.

No.4 Buy wine coolers that need minimal assembly when it arrives. This makes you save space and money. You can save up to 500 bottles (if your collection is beyond 500, then you inevitably require a wine-cellar!) in such refrigerators. Dubbed ‘budget’ refrigerators, you can put them all pieces together, even if you are not what everybody would call a ‘craftsman.’

No.5 The finely built Eurocave refrigerators top the quality chart. Not only are they eye-catchy, elegant and classy, but they also offer proper conditions to keep your wine in optimum conditions.

No.6 It stays right there, pretending to be one among the usual furniture, making no noise; refrigerated furniture which blends with the rest of the furniture is also something you’d want to consider. Seems like the best way to keep your wine in safe custody, and at the same time, add to the decorative look of your house.

No.7 Storing both red and white wine would necessarily mean facility to have different temperatures set at the same time, so go for the one that has the option of setting dual temperatures.

No.8 To reduce vibrations as much as possible, work for thermoelectric cooling.


Keep the above in mind when you buy wine coolers which you think is perfect for your collection. For about a maximum of $2000, every one of your bottles would be encased in a stylish wine refrigerator, giving you every reason to increase your collection further!


By: WineItems Staff

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