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5 Cocktails To Make To Put Those Coupe Glasses To Use

If you’ve recently moved into a new apartment or gotten married, chances are that someone bought you a set of coupe glasses. While coupe glasses look fancy AF, they’re one of those cabinet staples that look great but actually don’t get much use. The couple glass was allegedly invented in the mid-1600s in England for the purpose of serving Champagne. But these classy coupes permit the dissipation of carbonation; in other words, your bubbly ain’t staying super sparkly. Nowadays, coupe glasses are typically used for drinks served up — shaken or stirred but served without ice. Less messy than the classic Martini glass, the coupe glass has become a favorite among bartenders and avid cocktail drinkers alike.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite cocktails served up in coupe glasses to finally put that classy glassware to use. Grab your cocktail kit and get to work!


Photo via A Night Owl

Kind of like a Bellini, kind of like a smoothie… but all around delicious. We love this fruit-filled, fizzy treat, no matter what the occasion is. Be sure to purée the blueberries to avoid fruit chunks in your coupe cocktail!


Photo via JWC Daily

Creme de violette can be a difficult to find at times, though when you finally do come across the stuff, be sure to snatch it up. The smallest drop makes a world of a difference, and the bottle is sure to last you a while, which means many more coupe cocktails in your future.


Photo via Imbibe Magazine

You had us at Mezcal and Aperol. The contrast of the smoky former and sweetly bitter latter makes for one hell of a mouthwatering cocktail. Tropical spices, plus the gorgeous color of this drink, make it ideal for summer nights.


Photo via Uncommon Caribbean

This simple recipe of rum, St. Germain liqueur, and grapefruit juice makes for a sweetly floral sipper, perfect for warm evenings on the terrace. Serve in these gold-rimmed coupe glasses for an extra fancy touch.


Photo via Saveur

Mastering the art of the sour can be a difficult feat, though once you do, you’ll be hooked forever. This frothy, citrusy concoction is tangy, savory, and sure to please an array of palates.


By: Vine Pair Staff

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