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10 moments only wine lovers can relate to


You like…no…You absolutely love wine more than any other beverage on our God given planet. But let’s be clear about it, being a wine enthusiast doesn’t make you an alcoholic. Yet, you regularly have to explain and justify each and every glass of wine you drink while you’re cooking, reading or just doing something on your own. Share this article and help boost wine enthusiast awareness, if you can identify with at least one of the following situations.

  • Your reaction if, once again, one of your friends brings a “total cheap but really delicious wine from Tesco!” to your party. But you can still see the orange colored price tag on the bottle and immediately know that’s not for you.
  • If you’re the only person at the table that ordered wine. But everybody else ordered water. Keep on rocking!
  • You think “What’s good for me, is also good for my food. That’s why I always drink a glass of wine while cooking.”
  • You have recently started speaking in Wine. That turns you into an elegant vintage of 1985 (instead of being 30 years old).
  • Your reaction when your innocent friends still believe in ancient wine myths like red wine for red meat, and white wine for white meat. Oh my God…
  • Your sweetheart recognizes how your day went by how full your glass of wine is.
  • “I don’t drink one glass of wine, but I drink six glasses. That’s called tasting and it’s classy.”
  • You have just emptied your last bottle of wine and the stores are already closed.
  • Your doctor has warned you: “If you keep drinking like this, you won’t get very old.” All you heard was: “Wine keeps you young.”
  • Have you recognized yourself more than only once in this blog post?


By: Johanna Hofbauer

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