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10 Good Wine Pairings With Paté

And by paté I’m thinking of rough country patés and terrines like a paté de campagne rather than fish patés or vegetarian patés which I’ll tackle separately. The sort that you might take on a picnic or eat in a wine bar.

Given that most patés contain a fair amount of fat you need a wine with some acidity. That could be white but personally I’m always drawn to rosé or a light, juicy red with the sort of bright berry fruit that complements paté perfectly, especially when served cool. Here are my top choices:

The best wine bar none with charcuterie, paté included. I wouldn’t go for the cheapest examples but they don’t have to be a cru Beaujolais like a Morgon either.

Inexpensive red burgundy 
I say red burgundy rather than Pinot Noir because I’m looking for acidity rather than sweetness. Nothing too grand – something like a Chorey-les-Beaune or even basic Bourgogne from a good producer

Loire reds like Saumur, Bourgeuil, Chinon and Anjou (as in this pairing)
Lightly chilled Cabernet Franc is great with paté

Rustic south-west French wines like Marcillac and Fronton – heavens, even a simple young Bordeaux

No reason why France should have the monopoly on wine pairings. Its bright cherry fruit is lovely with pork

Mencia from the Bierzo region of north-west Spain – one of my new favourite Spanish grape varieties

Young syrah/shiraz – preferably from a natural wine producer like Hervé Souhaut

Southern French rosé – again I pick this as opposed to fruitier rosés because it’s dry. And rosé always seems the perfect picnic wine

Chablis – good with ham so generally good with paté too

Dry – or even sweet – oloroso sherry
Surprisingly good with richer game patés and terrines

And finally – not a wine but a surprisingly good pairing – gin!
Because of the botanicals, especially juniper. Again particularly good with a game paté

By: Fiona Beckett

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