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Sugar Code

Every wine at The Wine Butler has a sweetness code you can select. This code helps identify the level of sweetness you can expect from your wine selection.

Sweetness description:

0 Dry
.5 Off Dry
1 Hint Sweetness
2 Mild Sweet
3-4 Sweet
5+ Very Sweet

The perceived sweetness of a wine can be different from the assigned code. Alcohol content, carbon-dioxide content, acidity, tannin levels and the serving temperature can all affect how sweet a wine tastes.

Winemakers strive to create balance in the wine by managing the alcohol, acidity and tannin, but ultimately, nature determines the resulting sweetness. For example, a wine with a sweetness code of zero would have a relatively low amount of residual sugar, but high alcohol content may make it taste sweeter. Alternatively, a wine with a high sweetness code (signalling high amounts of residual sugar) could taste dry when the acidity is high.