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Italian Style Valpolicella

Italian Style Valpolicella

Normally $285 on sale $171. Use promo code: butler . Yields approx. 28-30 750ml bottles. Bottles not included $1.25 ea or bring your own. HST $3.90 Not Included. Must be 19+.

Make this Wine!

To make your own Italian Valpolicella, reserve your batch now!

Allow me to introduce the exquisite marvel that is the “Italian Style Valpolicella.” A true oenophilic masterpiece, delicately priced. Originating from the hallowed lands of Verona, Italy, nestled to the east of the resplendent Lake Garda, this red wine exemplifies elegance, sophistication, and an unyielding commitment to the vinicultural arts.

Impeccably crafted, the Valpolicella blend captures the essence of its terroir through a trinity of esteemed grape varieties: the venerable Corvina Veronese, the enigmatic Rondinella, and the charmingly modest Molinara. These grapes, nurtured by time-honored traditions dating back to the ancient Greeks, weave a tapestry of flavors that shall transport your senses to the very heart of Valpolicella.

In the annals of antiquity, the name “Valpolicella” emerged, a symbiotic fusion of two valleys that once existed as distinct entities, now harmoniously intertwined. The etymology, shrouded in enigma, tantalizes linguists with its Latin and Greek amalgamation, evoking visions of a mystifying “Valley of Cellars.”

But lo and behold, my dear oenophile, the wonder does not end there! Indulge your inner oenological aspirations by embarking on a grand voyage of vinous creation. Yes, you, a mere mortal, can fashion your very own incarnation of Italian Style Valpolicella, an enological triumph to rival the esteemed vineyards themselves. Cast aside the shackles of vinous mediocrity and seize this opportunity to showcase your refined palate.

So, without hesitation, I implore you to reserve your exclusive batch of this vinous opulence, and elevate your soirées to unparalleled heights of sophistication. Your senses shall be enraptured, your palate enraptured, and your guests astounded by the sheer magnificence of your oenophilic prowess. Now, go forth, my discerning connoisseur, and embark on this remarkable journey of vinous enlightenment. May your cellar be adorned with the splendor of Italian Style Valpolicella.