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Italian Style Valpolicella

Italian Style Valpolicella

Normally $295 on sale $177. Use promo code: butler . Yields approx. 28-30 750ml bottles. Bottles not included $1.35 ea or bring your own. HST $3.90 Not Included. Must be 19+.

Make this Wine!

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Ladies and gentlemen, grab your glasses and prepare for a whirlwind romance with the one and only Italian Valpolicella! This wine hails from the enchanting vineyards of Verona, Italy, where vines sunbathe and share secrets with the breezes from Lake Garda. Think of Valpolicella as your charming, witty dinner guest who always brings the best stories – and never overstays their welcome.

Our star-studded cast of grapes includes the dashing Corvina Veronese, the mysterious Rondinella, and the modest but essential Molinara. Together, they create a blend so harmonious, it makes Beethoven look like he was just banging on the keys. Pour a glass – go on, don’t be shy – and behold the deep ruby red color that practically sings “La Dolce Vita” right to your eyes.

Lift it to your nose and inhale deeply. Ah, the aromas! Ripe cherries, succulent plums, and a cheeky hint of spice!

Take a sip, and your taste buds will thank you. Juicy red fruits dance across your palate, followed by a smooth, velvety wave of vanilla and a whisper of almonds. The finish? Long, lingering, and utterly delightful, like that one hilarious friend who always knows how to end a story.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s talk food pairings. Valpolicella is the ultimate wingman for your meals. Pair it with a hearty lasagna, and watch it hold its own like an Italian grandmother defending her secret sauce. Try it with a margherita pizza – simple yet sublime, just like this wine. Or, for the adventurous, match it with grilled sausages or a rich mushroom risotto. Trust me, your taste buds will throw a fiesta.

So, dear wine lovers, don’t let your glass stay empty. Fill it with the joy and charm of Italian Valpolicella. Cheers to good wine, great food, and even better company! Now, go forth and savor – because life is too short for boring wine.