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Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Chilean Cabernet is very special. Its outstanding reds were what first put Chile on the world wine map. The wines are now grouped with world standard reds from Bordeaux, Napa and Sonoma.

Our Cabernet offering  typifies the unique profile of intense fruit and spice flavours and aromatics. Notes of currant, cherry and plum are backed by hints of black pepper, anise and coffee. Two-stage Tannins add a suggestion of tastiness.

Make this Wine!

To make your own Chilean Cabernet, reserve your batch now!

Normally $325 on sale $195 to make 28 bottle. 14 bottle $175 on sale $105 . Use promo code: BUTLER. Yields approx. 28/14 750ml bottles. HST $3.90 not included. Bottles not included $1.35 ea or bring your own. Must be 19+.